30 Day Mental Fitness Bootcamp

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30 Day Mental Fitness Bootcamp
Starts Tuesday October 26th - be quick!

Set yourself up for a fantastic 2022!

$100 OFF - October only!
Use the Code: BC100 when you checkout.

Click the button below and sign up to the 30 Day Mental Fitness Bootcamp by The Mental Fitness Company

Feeling flat? Overwhelmed? Feel like you're heading no where and need a boost to refocus your life?

YES! I’m Ready To Create some change in my life and start getting mentally fit! Starts Tuesday 26th October!

After 30 days you’ll feel more energised and in control of your life direction and have your go-to practical tools and strategies to manage stress and overwhelm and build mental fitness!

What you’ll get:

  • 6 amazing courses covering Your life direction, What’s working and not working in your life, Stress Management, Mental Fitness, Who am I and Goal Setting
  • Exercise and printouts that will support your personal development and self-discovery
  • 5 live group coaching calls with Founder, Sue Kohn-Taylor
  • An exclusive Facebook community to support you with posts and videos to keep you focussed
  • Fortnightly E-Peptalks  full of tools and strategies and ideas on mental fitness, stress management, wellbeing, leadership, and life!

If you’re looking for some change, motivation, support and to kick start yourself into 2022 then this course is for you.

I have worked with 1000’s of people all over the globe and feedback I receive tells me that my personal development and mental fitness coaching works!

The best news is there’s an October special price –  get $100 OFF the FULL Price – YES $100 OFF…..PLUS there’s a FREE book when you complete the course!  Use the Code: BC100 when you checkout.

Normally $299 USD but with your discount that’s only $199 USD! (or approx $289 NZD).  Use the Code: BC100 when you checkout.

My coaching packages start at $2500 so this is a fantastic offer!

Success Stories From Our Clients

What I Know

“At the age of 19 I learnt how powerful humans are, how our mind can be our best friend or our downfall and I learnt the power of building mental fitness.

I was at university studying business and on a return trip from home back to University I was involved in a head on car accident. I suffered multiple injuries including a head injury and I lost my short and medium term memory and almost died.  I lost my planned future that day.

What I learnt was that my mindset and attitude were key to my motivation to make this a different story and that’s when I also discovered the power of personal development and daily wellbeing habits – Mental Fitness.

I now work across many industries and with hundreds of people every year and what I see is that life in its current form is causing us to be more stressed and anxious. We have complicated what it is to be human. We all need to get back in the drivers seat as much as we can and navigate our way stronger through life.

From my own lived experiences I knows that attitude and aptitude are critical in order to respond proactively and positively to life’s inevitable curveballs. I also also knows that we humans aren’t necessarily born with these traits, but that they can be learned and shared.

With experience and training in personal development, positive psychology, wellbeing and mind training, I love showing my clients how there are many different ways to make powerful changes in your life.  Let me show you how!

Feeling overwhelmed? Flat? Feeling exhausted? Feeling powerless? Feel like you're heading no where?

Then work with me for 30 days and …..

  • Say YES to a new sense of control and freedom.
  • Say YES to energy and motivation.
  • Say YES to being in the drivers seat
  • Say YES to knowing what you want out of life.
  • Say YES to having a daily wellbeing and mental fitness plan that supports your growth.


Leave your old ways behind and feel liberated that you’re back in the driver’s seat of life!

EXTRA BONUS – At the end of the course all participants receive a FREE book ….The Practice of Happiness by John Kehoe.  This beautiful book, filled with illustrations and photographs, is a treasure to both the eyes and the heart. You will refer to it often as a source of joy and comfort.

I’ve had the pleasure to spend much time with John on his retreats and he has helped me view the world and my place in it, in a very empowering way.  So it’s wonderful for me to share a little bit of his amazing work.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try the 30 Day Challenge for 14 days, and if you participate in the challenge, complete all the courses, are involved in the Facebook group and live calls, do the mindset work and you don’t think will make a difference in your life – we’ll be happy to refund your entire purchase.

So, what are you waiting for? 

Join now to take advantage of the $100 discount off the full price – Yours now for just $199 USD (or $289 NZD)! And remember all bookings and payments need to be made by Sunday the 24th of October.  We start on Tuesday 26th October! Use the Code: BC100 on checkout.