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The Mental Fitness Company offers training and courses to build strong, healthy minds and fulfilling lives.  We work from the inside out!

From individuals, small teams to full workplaces, our in person and online training courses are designed to teach individuals how to respond proactively and positively to daily life so that they live and work at their best.

Developing skills specifically for workplace success.  With a mentally fit workplace, staff engagement, productivity and job satisfaction will increase, developing a healthier culture and workplace environment.

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Meditation: Peaceful Place – a powerful 8 minute guided meditation to use during a busy or stressful time, or to relax and unwind effectively at the end of your day

The challenges of managing daily life

Most of us know what it’s like to feel stressed, stuck, to overreact or to be unproductive. Statistics tell us repeatedly that humans face these issues on a daily basis.

The life we’re living is full of high speed information, change, expectation and hyper connection. We can suffer from mass distraction, negative mindsets and analysis paralysis. Our relationships, quality of work and sense of fulfillment suffer and this flows into workplaces.

But there’s a way to make it easier for individuals and workplaces. And the answer is Mental Fitness.

Why everyone needs mental fitness!

If you’re not physically fit, you’ll feel physical stress as you climb a steep hill. If you’re not mentally fit, you’ll feel mental stress as you try to manage life’s daily challenges.  Mental Fitness makes our days run more smoothly, with more agile thinking and a better approach to problem solving. It makes us stronger so we are happier partners, individuals and workers.  

Mental Fitness is more than resilience. It’s a web of competencies, including daily wellbeing rituals and personal development that influence how we conduct ourselves as humans on a daily basis, at home and in the workplace. These skills are essential for anyone personally and in any kind of workforce; from entry level to experienced board member. Our training focus’s on who people are, as opposed to what they are trained in.  

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Our Solutions

Workshops, webinars, online courses, coaching sessions, personal development and workplace wellbeing solutions – For individuals or teams. All aimed to increase personal productivity, improve interpersonal skills and develop positive workplace culture. 

The Mental Fitness Company takes a whole person approach and uses science based and practical methods to build mental fitness over time.  It’s never been more important to look after the mental fitness and wellbeing of yourself and employees. Browse our most popular topics, or get in touch for a customised solution.


Online or in person. Develop and grow your people, build employee mental fitness, communication, productivity & resilience through personal development. 45 minutes to ½ days or bespoke programmes.

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Mental Fitness Coaching

1:1 Coaching

My coaching will help you:

  • Identify and achieve your goals with passion, faster and easier
  • Understand who you are and what you want
  • Identify what holds you back from achieving success
  • Build resilience and strong mental fitness
  • Create a balance in life, work and play
  • Change old habits and patterns that don’t work for you
  • Recognise and manage your triggers and default behaviours
  • Motivate and inspire you to achieve results in all areas of your life
  • Master your mind to gain clarity and create greater success
  • Look at and think differently about situations
  • Reinvigorate passion for your life
  • Build an action plan for change
  • Create motivation, confidence and accountability
  • Empower yourself, transform your life and contribute to changing the lives of your children, family, work colleagues and friends.
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Wellbeing Solutions

Wellbeing Solutions

Ready-to-go solutions that businesses of any size can use to personally develop employees, their mental fitness and wellbeing.

Let us help you: Create or manage your wellbeing programme, Curate resources to support learning, Provide training workshops, Provide in-house coaching, An online suite of powerful mini courses.

Employee Mental Fitness

  • Empower individual employees with greater self-awareness and understanding on how to manage day to day life, building stronger mental fitness, happiness and wellbeing.
  • Based on the principles of personal development and positive psychology.
  • A whole-of-life approach to people development.
  • Help your employees understand where and how they can take control of their life.
  • Companies that develop their employees and show they care end up with more engaged, mentally fit and happily employed people.
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Online Courses

Self guided online courses for individuals or your team. Be empowered through personal development, learn greater self-awareness and understanding,  build stronger mental fitness, happiness and wellbeing. Affordable, personalised and guided.

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Hot Topics….

The benefits of having Mental Fitness

How we live daily life, interact personally and do business requires us to be more agile and flexible in today’s world. The Mental Fitness Company takes a whole person approach, and uses science and practical based methods to build mental fitness over time.

Mental Fitness makes our days run more smoothly, with more agile thinking and a better approach to problem solving. It makes us stronger so we are happier partners, individuals and workers.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understand, connect and use your emotions in a healthy and effective way to self-motivate and to create positive social interactions. Improve communication, confidence, personal accountability and be less reactive.

Energy & Motivation

Get back on track and feel better about life. Move on from indecision, find clarity and understand the power of personal development and wellbeing habits. Build your self worth. Achieve success.


Overcome personal and professional challenges. Take responsibility for your outlook and your responses, and feel equipped to manage the ups and downs of life in a very connected way.

Think Better

Feel inspired and motivated. Stay on task through challenging times, manage your stress and remain productive and successful.

Stronger Social Interactions

Understand, interact and relate to others better. Manage conflict and the demand and challenges of relationships in a healthier way.


Have a better view of yourself, others, your circumstances, the world and the belief that you can impact your life. Find things to smile about every single day.

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Mental Fitness Training
Mental Fitness Training
Mental Fitness Training
Mental Fitness Training
Mental Fitness Training
Mental Fitness Training