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The Mental Fitness Company takes a whole person approach and uses science based and practical methods to develop people and build mental fitness over time.  Change happens from the inside out!  It’s never been more important to look after yourself and employees. Browse our most popular training and online courses and get started today, or if you’re a business get in touch for a customised solution.

Designed and delivered by Sue Kohn-Taylor – Founder of The Mental Fitness Company – and supported by other qualified coaches, trainers and specialists in their field.

Stress Buster

15 ways to reduce stress and overwhelm

Understand your stress, how it is impacting you and take away key strategies to help every day

Wheel of life satisfaction

Check in with how satisfied you are with the core 10 domains of your life. What needs your attention and why!

Who am I?

Knowing yourself is a key step in self awareness and building a foundation of mental fitness. Do you really know who you are? Let us take you on a self discovery journey!

Launching August 23
Sleeptime Essentials

Stress Management Part 1

Stress comes in many forms. We all have different tolerances for it. Understand yours, the impact and how to manage it across your work and personal life.

Launching August 23

Mental Fitness Part 1

Mental Fitness makes our days run more smoothly, with more agile thinking and a better approach to problem-solving. We feel energised, empowered and confident. Learn the foundations of mental fitness

Launching August 23
What is happiness and how do I find it?

Goal Setting Part 1

The practice of knowing what you want from your life, is a pre-requisite for motivation and happiness. Inspiring, connected goal setting methods – find how this works for you!

Launching August 23

30 Day Mental Fitness Bootcamp

30 days, reset and recharge your life! 6 mini courses to help you look at what’s working and not working in your life. Create an action plan for change. Small groups. Live coaching with Sue Kohn-Taylor each week. If you’re feeling stuck or need a reboot then this is the bootcamp for you!
Launching August 23

Coach Led Academy

26+ mini courses all about YOU! Covering mental fitness, self development, mindset, emotions, happiness, career, love, money and so much more. Live coaching sessions with Sue Kohn-Taylor, Special interviews and offers. Private group. Totally empowering and life changing!

Launching August 23