The Mental Fitness Company.

I offer essential training for strong, healthy minds and fulfilling lives. From individuals to small teams to full workplaces, my in-person & online courses, workshops and webinars are designed to teach individuals how to respond proactively and positively to the ups & downs of life & to show up as their best self.  I develop people from the inside out!

Simplifying Being Human!

Specialist In: • Online Courses • Mental & Emotional Fitness Workshops/Webinars • Wellbeing • Self Leadership

About Sue Kohn-Taylor

At the age of 19 I learnt how powerful humans are, how our mind can be our partner in success or our downfall and I learnt the power of building mental fitness.  I was at university studying business and on a return trip from home, I was involved in a head on car accident.

I suffered multiple injuries including a head injury and I lost my short and medium term memory and almost died.  I lost my planned future that day.  Rehabilitation was very different to what it is now and I decided to take my future into my own hands and over 12-18 months I rehabilitated myself.

What I learnt was that my mindset and attitude were key to my motivation to make this a different story and that’s when I also discovered the power of personal development and daily wellbeing habits – Mental Fitness.

I now work across many industries and with 1000’s of people every year and what I see is that life in its current form is causing us to be more stressed and anxious. We have complicated what it is to be human.  

We all need to get back in the driver’s seat and navigate our way stronger through life.  Personal development of individuals and teams is critical to build functional workplaces and to develop healthy cultures.  We help make being human an easier job!  

Championing the concept of Mental Fitness, The Mental Fitness Company was passionately founded by Sue Kohn-Taylor, an expert life-navigator, a master of motivation, and a specialist resilience coach. From 1:1 coaching to guiding entire workforces, Sue’s no-nonsense nous and real-life experience is sought-after in New Zealand and across the globe.

A regular on TV, a column writer and a frequent speaker, she dedicates her time to sharing her vision, because she believes that building a mentally fit mind is the most important gateway to gaining freedom over any life event.

From her own lived experiences she knows that attitude and aptitude are critical in order to respond proactively and positively to life’s inevitable curveballs. She also knows that we humans aren’t necessarily born with these traits, but that they can be learned and shared.

With experience in personal development, positive psychology, wellbeing and mind training, the foundation for her business was formed.

Sue champions the concept of the “The Ripple Effect” – the influence of our own personal development positively impacts other’s lives, organisations and communities.

Founder & CEO

To empower individuals with the skills and knowledge of Mental Fitness so that they can live and work at their best every day, impacting families, workplaces and communities positively.

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