Are you being a positive ripple?

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In the last few weeks, I have spoken at a couple of conferences about The Ripple Effect, Self Leadership, and led 2 facilitation sessions on Potential and Habits and of course I’ve had many conversations with people from all sorts of organisations.
The main themes that I hear are these:  (I’ll get to the more positive stuff in a minute)

  • Tiredness is off the charts – sleep problems
  • People are so busy that they’re not connected to themselves -disconnected from their self-awareness
  • Many living in fear – money or scarcity mindsets
  • Overwhelm is prevalent
  • Many people feel stuck!
  • Disconnection from their life – not many goals and just doing life on a daily basis

This concerns me because, In a business environment, it becomes infectious – a negative ripple within teams.

It also concerns me because life is so much more than this!

Some truth….. when you find yourself in one of these states, it is often difficult to get out of it and see a different view UNLESS you start engaging in some personal development training, mentoring, or coaching.

Are you being a positive ripple?










All my career I have always had mentors in one form or the other.  WHY?  Because it helps to have conversations – it helps to know other people have the same SH..T going on.  It also helps to be in a community of people who want more – something different – to actually live and work in a more empowered way!

It GROWS YOU and YOUR THINKING!  And this is a lot of what I speak about – Self Leadership!

The good stuff is this:

  • People are hungry for change
  • They want more from their life
  • Leaders want to inspire their teams
  • People know they have greater potential but don’t know how to access it
  • People recognise that the soft skills are where it’s at for progress
  • There are some people doing so well and rising to challenges, and growing those beside them

With this in mind, I have been asked by so many people what price-friendly group work I offer!! And the truth is I don’t, YET—I offer 1:1 and team coaching, keynotes, workshops, and some online courses.

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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