Be Careful of Not Taking Breaks

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It’s nice to think that you can work for 8-10 hours straight, especially when you’re working to a deadline. But it’s impossible for anyone to focus and produce really high-quality work without giving their brains some time to rest and recharge.  This is a proven fact – our brains need a break!

Don’t dismiss breaks as “wasting time” or feeling as if you don’t have time for them.  It is an essential part of your day.  Make sure that the breaks are good breaks – go outside and get fresh air, move your body _walk around the block as it gets the blood moving around your body, do 10 star jumps (you’ll feel revived) meditate for 10 minutes – give your brain a real rest, be present to the sounds around you for 5 minutes with eyes closed, drink some water and eat a snack.  These are all essential ways to spend a break – you will be amazed at how much better you feel and the brain refreshed especially by meditating and doing some brief exercise They provide valuable down-time, which will enable you to think creatively and work effectively.

If it’s hard for you to stop working, then schedule breaks for yourself, or set an alarm as a reminder. Try to take a five to ten minute break every hour or two. And make sure that you give yourself ample time for lunch – you won’t produce top quality work if you’re hungry!  The brain needs fuel – food and water!

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