Do You Set Boundaries?

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What do I mean by setting boundaries? Setting good boundaries basically means that you learn what you can and cannot handle and then, politely, let other people know.

Once you communicate what you are willing or able to do, and what you are NOT willing or able to do, you must stick to it. In other words, you must follow through on what you say or what you promise. Setting good boundaries, does not always get favorable results from the people around you at first. In fact, the people around you might get quite angry until they get used to you setting good boundaries with them.  But, in the end, setting good boundaries keeps you healthy, both physically and mentally, because it keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, it keeps you from over exerting yourself, and it keeps others from taking advantage of you..

An example of setting boundaries might be to let your boss know that you cannot do that extra report because you already feel overwhelmed by your current workload.  Other examples of setting good boundaries are to NOT let others take advantage of you, ask you to do things they should be doing, give yourself some “you time” and not give that up to do things for other people, not to work on your day off!.  I know you will be able to think of areas where you need to set boundaries.  Write them down and start putting boundaries in place.

Keep in mind that setting good boundaries means that you must practice your communication skills and to follow through!

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