Do your values support your life?

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Values underlie everything we are and that we do. They are your baseline standards and we respond to day to day life through those values with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Values help us determine how valuable situations, people, and decisions are, in our perceived hierarchy.

When I ask people what their values might be, the most common response is a top line 3 values with “honesty” or “integrity” being one. It always makes me smile because inherently I know that every human would like to think that they are always honest or have integrity!  I mean who wouldn’t?  But are those 2 values what you believe should be a value of yours or are they really really your values?

Can you say you drive your life with the value of honesty or integrity underpinning it in all manner of ways?

Many people operate their life at a shallow level and don’t realise the importance of their values underpinning their level of life fulfilment. For most people, their values remain hidden and un- identified and only when a situation arises, when a choice needs to be made, that people stop and think about what they stand for.

Core values also show themselves on a daily basis.  When we decide which battles to fight and when to stand up for what we believe in or whether to go with the flow.

Remember, when our actions and words are aligned with our values, life is generally quite good, we feel content, confident and satisfied. But when our behaviours don’t match-up with our values, we soon begin to sense an uneasiness that begins to swell and grow inside of us.

So what are your core 6 values?  Can you say them in a couple of minutes or do you feel at a loss after 5 minutes still thinking what they might be?  It’s good to remember that often our values change over time and with the stages that we are in our life cycle, so it is important to recheck in with your core values and re assess them.

Open The Door has a set of values too – it what drives our company and it’s direction. Creativity, Collaboration, positive energy, contribution and conscious leadership.   Just like personal values these underpin and support many of our decisions.

The Open The Door Values programme takes you through a step by step process to uncover your core 6 values and then helps you to identify if those values are existing in the core parts of your life.  It will take you about 20 minutes but is so well worthwhile!

If you haven’t already check this programme out and start living a life true to your core values and see what a difference it makes to your levels of happiness and purpose.

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