Finding your balance again……you deserve it!

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Finding your balance again……you deserve it!

Balance is a hot topic these days and something that seems to be misunderstood.

Most people envision a weight scale of evenness on each side, work vs home, but the true balance of what works for each person can vary and have different meanings.

As we become more in tune with our new normal post-covid I see many people returning to the heaviness of too many work meetings, large workloads, constant connectivity, family responsibilities and ‘stuff’, and slowly we awaken again to realise that balance can be a tricky thing to find.

I argue that balance isn’t something we should strive for, but instead we look at how we integrate work into our lives in a way that aligns with our values and brings us fulfilment.

When you feel that work is fulfilling and life is fulfilling, then you have a good life flow – it gives you a feeling of energised focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in day-to-day life. Remembering that balance inside your personal time is also important – your health, your play, your home.

When you have balance in your personal life as well, then it allows you to grow and gives you purpose.

But work shouldn’t define you. And therefore, you need to find the right life balance, not a work-life balance. A balanced life includes all aspects that make up the whole.

When you feel out of balance, the result is often stress and overwhelming, and the inability to enjoy the freedom of life.

Unfortunately, we have seen that many people have valued work above balance. Our devices keep us constantly connected to email, social media and news feeds. We are available more, and yet because we experience constant distractions and have depleted energy, we feel like we can’t meet expectations, nor gain control over the balance we have been searching for. So we keep trying harder and being busier. And then we frequently discover that we haven’t refueled ourselves.

Your health…..the essential element in your life. Without it, nothing else matters.

Your home……a safe haven for you to replenish and nourish yourself, to provide the comfort you seek and the stillness you need to recharge yourself.

Your work……where you can use your talents, be creative, be part of a team, help people and the planet, and develop broader perspectives. It allows you to grow and gives you purpose.

Your play……. doing something unstructured for the pure joy of it without the need for an outcome. Doing things that make you feel good! Play time is an essential part of a fulfilled, balanced and joyful life and if you find yourself not doing it enough, then channel your inner kid and bring more of it back!

The first step to finding balance is to be self-aware and curious.

Really look at your life, the way you live, your state of mind and how much fulfilment you have.

Look at the 10 core areas of your life and see where the levels of satisfaction are low.

Which areas need to be filled up more, and which areas do you need to spend less time and energy on?

Re-look and determine what your current core values are – are you being true to them? Where are you out of alignment?

People with life balance have developed a strong sense of who they are. Do you know who you are?

Instead of just letting life happen, make it work for you. Make deliberate choices about how you spend your time.

Make small adjustments – it may take you a week to make the changes you need – you can do this in little bites unless you are the type who loves big shifts!

Connect with people who will help you achieve it, motivate you, and support you. They will help get the outcome you are looking for – perhaps even a coach!

And finally, remember the point of finding life balance is to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. Remember to laugh. Don’t take yourself and your work too seriously. Enjoy the process……it’s important.

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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