Have you ever fallen into any of these common money traps?

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Do you…

– Panic and worry but do nothing
– Bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is OK
– Let someone else manage your finances
– Have a champagne taste but a beer budget
– Have completely no idea how your money seems to just disappear
– Invest in something because you have been promised huge returns
– Live for today
– No money goals that motivate you
– Believe someone else will save you, or somehow it will sort itself out
– Keep giving money to your children just to keep them happy
– Live in a home you can’t afford
– Help others out financially and in excess of your means

Be bold and great!

With gratitude – Learn, Live, Flourish

Sue Kohn-Taylor

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Sue Kohn-Taylor is Co-Founder and Personal Development Coach of Open The Door Wellbeing, a wellbeing app that provides the knowledge you need, when you need it, anywhere, anytime. Simple programmes, where you set the course for discovery at your own pace.

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