Having the January Blues?

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Ahhhh the lead up to the annual Christmas break is exciting and so desperately needed, then you have some fun holiday time eating, drinking and having fun, all on a stress-free time frame.  You are relaxed and carefree and full of enthusiasm for what the new year will hold for you, how it will be better, that you deserve everything and that life will be happier and more exciting!

A week back at work and it feels like 2018 just came rushing back.  You still feel enthused and optimistic but it starting to wane a little and thoughts of negativity are sneaking in.  You may feel you are back on the same treadmill and the new year resolutions have started to be broken… Ahhhhhhhh… Does any of this seem familiar???  You may have a dose of the New Year blues!!  And guess what?  It is perfectly normal!!

So here are some quick tips on overcoming the New Year blues…..

Try the following:

  • Make a simple plan of action with key words to keep you focussed and ready to achieve some motivational goals this year.
  • Plan your next holiday… it always feels great when you know when you will have your next break.  This also helps you keep focussed on what you need to achieve by then.
  • Make a vision board of how you plan your year to be, your aims, goals for 2019… this is motivational as it reminds you of the positive changes and achievements you want to make in the year and to keep working towards the outcomes.  There’s nothing better than visual stimulation.
  • Get back into an exercise regime and create weekly minimums… exercise always boosts the feel good chemicals in our body so get back into it whether it’s the gym or walking on the beach.  Just do it!
  • Take action, take control and decide what you need to progress to make your life better… when you are in control of how you behave and react to your life it will make you more motivated to move forward and make the change you need to.  Staying still isn’t a good option.
  • Remember the 90/10 rule…10% of your happiness depends on things that happen to you while a huge 90% depends on how you react to life’s daily events.  Learn the tools to deal with life’s ups and downs.
  • Get out in nature… beaches, bush walks, lying on the grass in the garden, walks in the neighbourhood or big mountain climbs are all great ways to refresh yourself.  Nature has a magical way of nurturing us and lifting our mood.
  • Hang out with positive people and keep the conversations going about new year new changes, growth, happiness and achievements… having and hanging out with the right tribe, can help you keep moving forward and keep the positive motivational edge.

Remember you don’t have to make decisions about changes in your life just on New Year – you can do it anytime during the year to change and progress the way you do things.  That’s the smarter way to build a life that you enjoy and makes you flourish – it will keep evolving and growing!

Here’s to 2019 being the change you want it to be!

With gratitude – Learn, Live, Flourish

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