How would you feel if you had your own cheerleader?

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Imagine how different your day would be and how different you’d feel if you had a personal cheerleader following you each day, celebrating all of your small and large successes?

You brushed your teeth – woohoo! Exercised – amazing job, well done! Received a promotion – you are so good! Imagine…

After a while, it might become annoying but the point is, how often do you ever hear your inner cheerleader? Do you stop and acknowledge your achievements?

We don’t celebrate our achievements as much as we should. However, it’s a positive habit we can all build. Acknowledging and celebrating significant and insignificant achievements becomes empowering. It allows our mind to slowly recognize and build up the self recognition of all the positive achievements we make daily.

Often, our inner cheerleader has a quiet voice and we need to tune in and train it to speak up louder! If we don’t become your own cheerleader, then we’ll often look externally for others to give positive feedback or cheer us on. But let’s face it, that’s not always an option or appropriate and definitely not healthy to be looking externally for all of your praise and self-worth!

If you’re a leader, you definitely don’t want to be always looking for external validation otherwise when you need it the most, you won’t have the confidence to push things through.

It’s not necessary to reject all external validation, as this too is an important skill to accept compliments and praise, but you should minimize your reliance on it.

So how about spending some time to give yourself some compliments and acknowledge the good stuff you do! It’s not often people give you the acknowledgment you deserve, so do it for yourself.

Here’s a few ideas of things you can do to practice appreciating and cheering yourself on, in an authentic and powerful way:

  • Speak about yourself positively
  • When someone compliments you, let it in and say “thank you” (don’t discount it)
  • Give positive feedback to yourself in the mirror, and use your first name – “Sue, you’re looking great in that orange dress today”
  • Buy yourself flowers or something you appreciate as a way of saying “go you” “well done”.
  • Ask for the acknowledgment you’d like from other people – can you give me feedback on what I did well on this project
  • Celebrate your big and small successes and pat yourself on the back often.

And most of all enjoy the process and before long it’s just a way of being!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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