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This year we all hope that it will be different from the last 2 years of the pandemic but in reality, I think we’ll have another bumpy year!

More than ever do we all need to try and have less expectation and be more fluid in the way we interact with life. This will be so very hard for those who are driven by certainty. Because certainty gives us some sense of surety – some comfort that we know what will happen. Yet we are living in such bumpy changeable times.

When we base our certainty on what we know is a solid foundation, home, self reliability, resilience, family, friends our ability to ride the ups and downs, our mindset, etc then we still have certainty but without being rigid.

So stop and think about what you hold on too tightly to, the things that are too rigid in your life that create stress and drama.

This year I am cultivating an attitude of loving change and surprises – that this uncertainty is a gift. Now I feel excited about what may be ahead – it’s a complete perspective change and it feels so good. It certainly brings life back to some planning but also being very focused on the present and short term to create results – maybe not a bad thing for all of us. I‘ve even changed my goal setting to having themes for this year rather than specific goals that may disappoint eg travel to Italy.

So my main themes for the year are BOLD – FUN – RITUALS

If you were thinking about themes for your year ahead what would they be? Choose 3 and focus on how you are living these out every day. In 90 days tell me what a difference it’s made.

Have a great start to the year – reset – refocus – and do the personal development work to help make the ride through the bumps this year a little less bouncy!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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