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We hear so much about being physically fit, but have you ever thought what it means to be mentally fit?

Being physically fit means using forms of exercise to keep our body in good shape so that we can perform the actions we need our body to do each day the best we can. Sometimes we get injuries, stop exercising for a while, get fit, get unfit – essentially a sliding continuum but with the aim of maintaining fitness every day and week.

But what about our minds? What does it mean to be mentally fit? In this slide from one of my presentations, it explains how mental fitness helps us in our day to day.

Just like physical fitness our mental fitness is on a continuum also and depending on how proactive we are in looking after our mental fitness will determine how fit we are to deal with the challenges of life.

The more activities we do to build mental fitness, the stronger we get, just like a muscle.  We become resilient. The slide below shows how this works.

This continuum is used by many mental health organisations and is a great way for us to understand that sliding up and down this scale is ok.  Just know when you need to seek help.

I believe that building a mentally fit mind is the most important gateway to gaining freedom over any life event. Through my own life experiences – including a head-on car accident that almost claimed my life and some other tragic life experiences, I have learnt how powerful the mind can be to support us through any life challenge.

I champion the concept that regular education, actively supporting the mind with great wellbeing habits and personal development, provides the necessary skills to positively impact lives, organisations and communities. As the world navigates its biggest curveball in recent history, mental fitness and wellbeing is more important than ever. The added benefit, of course, is the influence our own wellbeing then has on our children, families and friends.

And remember if you need someone to talk to call or text 1737 to speak with a trained counsellor anytime – it’s free and completely confidential.

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