Hump Day! Get out of bed, sleepy head!

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Let’s face the facts — some days getting out of bed is hard especially in winter time. When you’re all wrapped up in your comfy blankets, it can feel almost impossible to motivate yourself in the morning. The head chatter starts how you’ll just stay for 5 more minutes and before you know it 30 minutes have gone by and you jump out in panic berating yourself for being late and the negative committee in your head start their niggling comments for the rest of the day.

If you’re one of those early morning motivated people then I know your day starts totally differently!

Starting your day like this may not feel like the biggest deal in the world, but it is a proven fact that how you start your day can have a big effect on the positivity and effectiveness of the rest of your morning. That’s what morning people understand and the late demotivated or negative risers have yet to realize.

The early morning hours of the day are a really great time to be alive. When you wake up before everyone else, you have time to prepare for the day, to think about your goals, and to soak in a few moments of peace and enjoy that special time in the morning – the light, the quiet, the morning bird chorus, the sun rising. It offers all kinds of awesome, and it really sets the tone for a good day.

And that’s where motivation comes in.

Motivation is what will get you out of bed early with a positive mind set, so you can enjoy such things. And it will have you heading off to work on time, with an almost-annoying pep in your step and a smile on your face.

Does it sound like something you want? Then here are some ways to get yourself a bit more motivated in the morning.


Cover Your Bases
Morning routines don’t have to be a tornado of activity and stress. Instead, pre prepare the night before. Bag packed, lunch sorted, breakfast ideas and clothes chosen – simple things that make the flow of the next day simpler.

Knowing you’re organised for the day ahead will help keep you from feeling overwhelmed and cowering under the covers.

Calm alarm
Rather than being jolted awake by a buzz, beep, or talkback radio, program your alarm to wake you with a calmer tone – I have heard one that is the sounds of birds, like the morning chorus. Much more inspiring to wake up to!

Use music to get you started – songs that up your energy and mood.

Light up your morning
Wake up your body clock – In the morning, let in the light and open the curtains; switch on the lights; enjoy breakfast outside; do some stretching outside or if winter time just step outside and deep breath in the cool crisp air; or take a walk around the block. Doing these activities as morning rituals helps focus your energy and motivate you to get moving.

Make Your Bed

There’s no need to make your bed picture-perfect, but taking half a minute to smooth sheets, pull up blankets, and fluff pillows will make you feel good that night when you get back into bed.  Remember going to bed in a good positive state is just as important as getting up in this state too!

Slow and motivating
Reading a book while you sip your tea or warm water for 10 minutes will open a window of serenity in your morning. Or let an audio book read to you as you get dressed and prepare breakfast. If you’d like to hear what other people are saying about a favourite topic, try plugging into a podcast. Subjects range from education to inspiration — and everything in between.

Take Time Out to Take Stock
Slowing down, taking a breath, and remembering what is most meaningful to you can help keep you centred and awake to what the day ahead may bring.  Making a few commitments on achievement for the day and a plan how you will end your day is a great motivator too.

Obvious but important – Make Sure You Get A Good Night’s Sleep
You can’t feel motivated for anything if you are too tired to move. So start off by getting a good night’s rest. Look at Open The Door’s sleep programme as there are loads of ideas related to sleep as well as a couple of sleep meditations.

Motivation by your bed
Maybe it’s your vision board, maybe some quotes, mantras of cool pics of family, friend s or things that are on your goal list.  Put them by your bed so they are the last thing you look at and the first thing you see. Connecting with what makes you happy and positive and motivated is a great energy kick starter – keeping yourself on purpose!  Our brains constantly need reminding of what we want from our lives. Having it written down and being able to visualise it creates a massive shift in our psyches and belief systems. Look at it every morning, and soak up the good vibes.

Get Dressed to Feel Good
Favourite socks, knickers or shirt and jacket – There’s something about feeling good in what we are wearing that can help make your day. Because when you’re feeling comfy and looking good, you project confidence, and that’s a major motivator. Build wardrobe that expresses your style — one that feels right — and you’ll actually look forward to getting dressed in the morning.

And yes, it really can be that simple to become a motivated morning person. Sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks to your morning routine, and soon you’ll actually want to get up and start the day.  So experiment and see what works for you!

Some days the motivation just isn’t there to get out of bed!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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