Are you a spectator, benchwarmer or player in your life?

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Look around you, how many people are going through life robotic like, on autopilot, busy being busy every day, week, and year.  The path to who knows where……a spectator of life.  Watching other’s lives progress while theirs stay stagnant and the feeling that life is passing by becomes more and more of a reality and spectator frustration and depression sets in.


The benchwarmer comes in 2 categories – the one who plans, dreams, feels enthusiastic to jump on the field and play life, then procrastinates, takes no action and falls back to being a spectating benchwarmer – half in and half out.  The passive benchwarmer.

My favourite, the active benchwarmer is the one that observes, plans, dreams, sets things up, trains and then jumps in and takes action regularly and makes progress but checks in, keeps on track, recharges and then takes action again to make a difference.  The role is somewhere in between the player and the benchwarmer.

Interestingly most people want to be a player, in the thick of things developing plans, dreams and taking action every single day enjoying life to the fullest capacity because that’s what they believe you have to do to be successful and for many that is the case.

So, are you “doing” life or “living” it?  Are you a player, an active bench warmer, a passive bench warmer or spectator of life?

Did you know that the average American spends over 30 hours a month online (I know many people who spend much more than that) and on average 80 hours a month watching TV (online and traditional)?

With today’s social media obsession, the real problem is too many people spend their time watching, and not living. 

Watching others does nothing to get you closer to the life you deserve (except at times some experiential learnings) ….it will slowly make it impossible to achieve your dreams.

We often think it a tragedy when someone works hard, and comes so close only to have their dreams shattered in one moment of defeat. Olympic athletes that fall short of the gold.  Sports stars who suffer an injury and never recover.  But don’t feel sorry for them – because at least they tried.

The real tragedy is that every day, for many people their dreams are slowly withering and dying – their owners spectating, watching their life pass by – and never taking action to make their dreams a reality.  People who live this way unconsciously assume they are powerless in their life, and so they avoid taking responsibility for it.

The only way to achieve your dreams is to spend your time planning and taking action with reflective rest in between.

When you are making a life, you believe in the potential of life. You are driven and focussed, because you have a purpose. Although you still have ups and downs, you know you are fully responsible for your life and therefore you don’t spend too much time complaining. You are creative, joyful and life seems really effortless at times.

There’s nothing more empowering and liberating than waking up knowing you are here for a reason, working toward your end results with absolute faith you’ll create them.

When you’re conscious of the fact that time is short, you value it appropriately.

And when you value time appropriately, you don’t want to waste it. If you have a sense of how precious your life is, you try to avoid obvious ways to fritter away your hours and years, like too many TV binges or sticking with a job you can’t stand.

So, get in the game of life. Take responsibility for where you are today, own it and with every bit of enthusiasm you can muster, work towards discovering your purpose, your passions, the things that lift you, surround yourself with people who lift you and get focussed every day on the actions you need to take to be a gold Olympian of life.

It takes courage to accept that you create your life experience!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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