Stress & Pressure – Quick Strategies

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Stress & Pressure - Quick Strategies

Stress & Pressure – Quick Strategies

As we navigate through the final stretch before Christmas, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the elevated stress and pressure that affects many people at this time of the year.

The festive season is fast approaching, and while filled with joy and celebration, often brings an increased workload and pressure as we strive to meet year-end goals. It’s during such times that the wellbeing of you becomes paramount so that you don’t turn up at Christmas a complete wreck!.

Recognising the importance of this means it may well not be realistic to have the balance right now BUT the need to up your self-care is THE MOST important thing you can do! The need for a supportive approach to manage stress and pressure effectively.

What self-care rituals fill you up the best?

Some early nights are essential, especially around a Tuesday or Wednesday – diarise it and set yourself up to be in bed reading listening to music a bath before bed and lights out by 9.30pm.

Light exercise becomes so important to keep the endorphins elevated to help with your mood and brain energy.

Stress & Pressure - Quick Strategies


Good food (more protein for energy source) and of course loads of water are imperative and whilst the temptation to have more alcohol as a relaxant or as a mood booster may mentally be justifiable for you, on a real mind, body, mood level it’s not a good way to be strong in these last few weeks.

Likewise sugar temptations and cravings may be higher – your body is looking for energy!  Don’t be fooled.

Creating small gaps of space just for you to be still and breathe can just help you feel like the pressure valve has been released a bit.

Your breathing – becomes imperative – longer deeper slower breathing – in the car, when you have a bathroom break, lunch time , making a cup of tea time – build your ritals to tune in to your breathing because now more than ever it will become an unconscious habit that you will breathe shallow, short and at times almost hold your breath due to stress and pressure!

So please help yourself by reducing the impact of this pressurised time.  And if you’d like my helpful action-packed

Release Your Pressure PDF download it here

Stress & Pressure – Quick Strategies

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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