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Do you ever feel like everything and everybody wants a part of you?  It seems with technology advances and the increased demands of work and life that we are constantly in demand.

A lot of people seem to equate being busy or active with productivity but studies will show you that this is just not true for most.  When we are busy “doing stuff” we can lose sight of what is important and spend too much time on trivial things.  Our brains also get tired and so our thinking processes slow down and lose their quality.  Constant “busyness” can stifle our creativity and growth.  If we are constantly on the go without mindful moments we can become stressed in a negative way. Stress falls into a spectrum from good, to tolerable, to toxic.

Ponder This
Sustainable and motivational stress assists you to you power through a day, make smart decisions and in essence is you working in your Power Zone To create sustainable stress we need to create spaces during the day with little to no stress.

This is where the mindful moment to just BE comes in very handy.  I’m talking about 1 to 5 minutes – this is not a meditation but just a pause!  This applies if you are working or at home.

Choose a spot
Find a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed. In this space you can think or not think or be creative or imaginary.

Set an intention
Decide if you want to think of nothing and focus on your breath or perhaps you just want to people watch or focus on the flowers, the birds or the sounds around you.  The idea is to think simply or not think at all.

You can move around too
Sitting still is fine but you can also move around mindfullyJust keep the mind focused on your simple intention.  Just BE.

If you are in an office, take a moment at your desk, or shut the office door, go to a meeting room or just sit outside.

Don’t look for perfection or overthink this deliberate pause to BE.  The idea is to recognise the toll that constant distractions, interruptions and rushing take on your mind, your productivity and overall wellbeing and success.  When you feel overwhelmed then STOP and go and take a mindful moment to just BE!

Take the steps to master the distractions not let the distractions take control of you!!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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