What is my life about in this crazy world?

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Part 2 of a 2 part story – Revisit Part 1

Still at the time of writing this, not much has changed and millions of people globally are maintaining lockdown. There is an undeniable increase in people’s desire for normality, for some certainty in the face of uncertainty, and the longer this goes on the stronger the desire but also the opportunity for disappointment.

Lockdown has restricted our stimulation to the basics of our home and social media and brings back the pure simplicity of daily life – for many this is a massive struggle and others it has been a pure joy and rediscovery and a massive RESET.

Our minds now start trying to make sense of this new way of life and with that comes so many questions with no certain answers and at times when you are doing something relatively normal, you might forget the world is topsy turvey.   But for some the thinking becomes about the meaning of their life or what their purpose is.  We are just faced with ourselves and our minds and how we create meaning and purpose in our day.  The focus shifts to internal thoughts and feelings and sometimes a struggle and despondency sinks in.  But for some a new curiosity.

You may be feeling out of balance with the unfamiliar norm life has turned into but instead of pondering and ruminating on this look at what you can create, learn and discover about yourself.

So in part one last week I asked you a few questions.  How far did you peel back the onion to find the real answers?

People I have spoken to have had a wide range of discoveries:

  • They like getting dressed into work clothes as it gives them a sense of change, purpose and gets their heads into work mode

  • Track pants were a treat, now many can’t wait to not wear them

  • Many have enjoyed learning new skills without the pressure like cooking, yoga, meditation and new forms of exercise.

  • Many have discovered a love for baking and cooking – haven’t we seen a lot on social media!

  • That their life is about connections and inspiring others

  • That they weren’t living their life to their values and discovered what disconnections they had in their life

  • People discovered who their closest friends are, the ones they really want to see and this has surprised them as the people they thought would be weren’t so high on their list….interesting.

  • People have discovered that people they haven’t been in touch with for a while made contact to check in – some lovely surprises and rekindled friendships

  • People learnt new techniques to motivate themselves and that they spend way too much time thinking about negative stuff, or judging people and situations.

  • A new love for the simplicity of life with many stories about noticing things around them which they had been oblivious to before.

  • How much time they fritter away on meaningless busy things.

And so on – so many stories.  What did you discover?

The lockdown period can prove to be a great time for you to be introspective and explore yourself. When you develop a clear awareness of your alignments, you focus on the right direction, your energy flows better and life looks more rosy.

Get on and make some positive change!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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