skt-who-am-iThe question “Who am I” can be a little bit daunting to answer as the concept of who we are can be difficult to conceptualise.  We tend to relate who we are to what we do and the easy things we know about ourselves.  Age, sex, job, relationship status, children no children etc but if you choose to go deeper, then this is where the really exciting, ugly, beautiful, juicy and shameful stuff can be hidden.  BUT this is exactly where we want to delve deeper.

It’s easy for anybody, to live a life in public surface deep and to keep the real parts of ourself, hidden from view.  However, this causes a great disconnect and we feel it!

The pressure to conform, to please others, to fit in, to be liked, to seek approval, to not upset equilibrium, to not have a voice from deep within, is the worst crime you can commit on yourself.

True happiness, confidence and a life of meaning and purpose, comes from the deep knowledge and understanding of who we are.  If any of this rings true to you, then it’s time to start being the real YOU.  So, who are you?

In Open The Door we have a programme called Who Am I? It helps you understand more about yourself, how and when you operate at your best and a discovery of what you need to do, to be your best, as well as understanding what drives you emotionally, and what pushes your buttons, to creative negative behaviours that are unhelpful.  I love this programme, as it is a deeper dive into the real personal development we all need, to start our journey of living a happier and more meaningful life.

SO – if you haven’t already, then try it out.  Grab a big cup of tea, sit in your favourite place and start discovering who you really are!

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