Who is the Real You?

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Authenticity starts with knowing who you are.  Most people have no idea who they truly are and settle for who they currently identify with based on their past conditioning.

However I can tell you that you are not your past, but who you choose to be now based on YOUR values, needs, dreams and aspirations.

You can choose to live with fear, regret, anger, judgment, frustration, negativity guilt and annoyance OR choose to live with love, gratitude, joy, abundance, happiness, personal growth and acceptance.

If you feel repressed and that something inside of you just doesn’t feel right then it is a strong sign that you are not being your true authentic self.

When you live a life of honesty and authenticity you feel free, have strong inner power, an excitement for life and the possibilities and a strong sense of direction.

So ask yourself:

Who is the real you?
What are your values?
What doesn’t feel right in your life ?
Where do you feel constricted and restricted?

And then go in search of the real authentic you and start living in a much more positive space.

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