Do you chase happiness?

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When I was young I seemed to be constantly chasing happiness and looking around me for the emotional uplift of finding it!  Not really understanding what it was.

My older wiser self now realises that happiness is all around me if I absorb the positive experiences in play everywhere.  Within me and externally.

And of course savouring it!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not all rainbows and butterflies BUT I’m able to manage the challenges and negative stuff better.  It doesn’t stick like it did when I was younger.

What I know now is…………….

If you want to be happy, you need to stop chasing happiness.

You need to realise that happiness is not something you seek — it’s something you become.

For example you do not seek gratitude, you become a grateful person by practicing gratitude every day.

So in the same way, you do not seek happiness, you become a happy person. How?

You start by separating it from life’s events.

You begin to see yourself as a happy person who despite the setbacks, and the failures and the pain you experience in life — you still choose to be happy. ?

You choose to look for the good – our brains are wired for negativity and to look for everything that’s wrong or not working, but your brain can be retrained.

Practice looking for all the good things everyday for 30 days and see how your view, your energy, your mindset change!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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