There are 7 days in a week and “one day” isn’t one of them!

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“Most people work hard all their life, and spend their health trying to achieve wealth.  Then they retire and spend their wealth trying to get back their health.” I’m sure you’ve heard that old quote but why is it often we need to become ill ourselves or be standing at a funeral of someone who died way too early to be reminded that our health is so important?

Appreciating and building your health should be a daily occurrence rather than something you suddenly do when you experience suffering, pain, illness or loss of life. At these times we’ll think about how we will change something about our life, only to click back into our day to day routines within a few days!

Our minds are a powerful tool to assist with building good health – physical and mental. Without our minds in good health, we can’t function to our potential. If we are mentally ill, sick or weak, we are not at our fully functioning best.


Sadly, for many of us the ill health creep factor slowly sneaks up on us and we become less aware of the small warning signs our body sends us to indicate there is an underlying health issue! The busyness of life and higher stress levels create the perfect storm! Ever had an occasion when something doesn’t feel right in your body and you pass it off as something insignificant? Be careful how long that goes on for.  Don’t keep justifying changes in your body or mind as being “nothing” or “it’ll be alright.” Sometimes it’s a cry out for help from your body to say “I need some help or support. I’m not coping on the inside”!!

Don’t wait until an illness creeps up on you before you start thinking about your health. Start today, by taking charge of your health.  Sometimes it the small things that can make the biggest impact and remember that looking after your health isn’t just about going to the gym.  It’s about nutrition, breathing, water, stretching, calmness, rest, sleep, fun, self love and so much more. Remember if you don’t take charge of your health, who will?

Maintaining your personal well-being is essential to have a fulfilling life, yet, knowing this, we still do so many things to neglect and ruin our health.

Jim Rohn once said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” It’s a piece of wisdom that is timeless and even more important in today’s busy world. Whether it’s unhealthy personal habits like alcohol, smoking, overeating or drug use or loading your life with too many stressful things, too many hours working and not enough rest and rejuvenation, you certainly are at risk of damaging your body and mind.

Look at the stress, emotions and health programmes in Open The Door Wellbeing and discover what is working for you and what is working against you.  Then takes the positive steps forward to reclaiming the control over your health. Sometimes it can be as simple as drinking enough water, breathing properly – yes that old thing and getting enough sleep. TRULY it can often be that SIMPLE!

As I said, our health is often taken for granted, but it’s definitely one of our most important assets. You only get one body so make sure to get serious about cherishing, nurturing, and encouraging a lifelong partnership with it and develop good health practices. Your body will always thank you for it!

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