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Mental fitness is a term used to describe an individual’s ability to manage life and its challenges in healthy ways by building good daily wellbeing habits and personal development, to support a happy and fulfilled life. We need the ability to see, feel, act and think fit every day.   But similar to physical fitness, mental fitness is not something we are innately born with, it is a multifaceted set of skills, tools and mind-sets that we can learn and improve on. This brings us to wellbeing habits and personal development.

As you know with any skill, it takes practise over time to get good at it and the same goes for mental fitness. Like building physical fitness to run further, it is about consistency to be able to go that extra kilometre or even just running that same 100m, but getting your breath back a little bit faster.

You can follow wellbeing habits that practise and work on mental fitness in the same way. Such as morning affirmations to help set up a positive mind set for the day. Or small phrases to repeat when difficult things come up to help affirm yourself. These wellbeing habits are important in supporting your mental fitness to help keep these positive tools and mind-sets at the ready so that you can be resilient when challenges inevitably come up.

And over time, perhaps get to the point where they’re innate. Similar to scratching your nose unconsciously when itchy, you may automatically react to distress with affirmations or a deep breathing technique to stay calm. And before you know it, like getting your breath back, you’re recovering, level and standing up tall again.

wellbeing habits

Additionally, personal development is just as important. This is building confidence, being more outgoing, or more optimistic, or even just being more comfortable asking for help. It’s about improving yourself in areas that may be creating distress to make you a better-rounded person. Personal development is also not always an easy fix that takes a few days, but a lifelong continuous pathway that you can keep improving and developing yourself on.

And all of this positive growth carries over into your other areas of life like mental fitness. Being more optimistic might mean that previous challenges might actually not look so bad, or being more able to ask for help means you’ve got this larger support network of friends or family who you can comfortably lean on when you need.

Mental fitness, I believe, can help enrich our lives by making us resilient to all the challenges that come up. But to get there, it is your wellbeing habits and personal development that help develop our mental fitness to that next level.

That is why wellbeing habits and personal development are important and why The Mental Fitness Company wants to help use them with businesses or individuals to get to a stronger position in life.

Over the next few E-Inspirations we can start to look into them more and maybe you can pick up a few wellbeing habits yourself!

Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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