Why is your “Inner Foundation” so important to your well-being?

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The last couple of weeks have been challenging and the resulting effect is that I want to write about the importance of building a strong inner foundation.

Why?  Because what I see more and more in society are people living externally, bounced around by the stressors, the challenges around them and having no belief system or inner foundation to draw on when times are tough.  The result being a slippery slide into mental health challenges.

The renaming of my business from SueKohn-Taylor.com to The Mental Fitness Company is an important part of my drive to make a difference in people’s lives, to the way people develop themselves and create a foundation of self belief, and learn tools and strategies to draw on – essentially keeping our minds mentally fit.

Every person must cultivate a strong inner foundation with enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord, stress or just facing life’s challenging times.

With enough knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong in the face of discord or stress means in order to have peace of mind we need to embrace our own personal development and build a strong inner foundation.

If we are not firm within our identity, we tend to second-guess so many things in life. We can be fearful, distrustful and constantly analyse, desperately searching for some direction, meaning and validation. The often left feeling alone.

Your trust of ‘life’ begins with trusting yourself.

There is only one point that requires your attention – yourself. Because in reality there is nothing else to focus on. You stop trying to control and change things outside of yourself, and start working on where it’s really all taking place.

When you have a strong inner foundation you don’t react as impulsively you have the power of choice, the freedom to make more considered measured and confident responses and actions to guide yourself through each day and what it throws at you.

Remember you are not your mind so don’t always believe your thoughts, you don’t have to. Instead you can go back to your inner foundation and choose which thoughts are helpful and which you don’t want to follow.

Ways to build a stronger  inner foundation and peace of mind

Self Reflection is central to personal development and it helps tremendously to build a strong foundation. Understand your self limiting beliefs, know your values, build a belief system about you and life, learn tools and techniques to manage emotions, understand your emotions and why you feel that way and most important keep learning and create good daily habits to build mental fitness.

Personal development builds self confidence and gives you more personal resources so you can feel more in control facing the challenges to come. You have inner peace because you know you are capable of handling them.

Keep Your Inner Space Clear. Proactively face your fears and solve your problems. If you take action on things that you fear and proactively face them, you actually lower your fears and feel good about yourself. The effect will be that you don’t accumulate “rubbish” in your inner space and therefore keep it clear without things bugging you in the back of your mind.

Mindfulness is the perfect way to calm the mind and connect with yourself. It’s a great way to manage stress relief and build inner space and peace.
Inviting silence into your mind/life will have a great and refreshing effect. As a Buddhist saying goes: “Do not speak, unless it improves on silence.”

Remember building a strong inner foundation and keeping mentally fit is the most important job you have every day – look after your mind and life will follow!

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