Your energy can be contagious – what vibes are you emitting?

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Your energy can be contagious – what vibes are you emitting?

If ever there was a time to discover the effect of human energy, it’s been during a period of social interaction, where many of us have found ourselves in close proximity to others, making us particularly sensitive to the vibes they emit.  

But we also experience the effect of people’s energy in the workplace – in teams, with leaders, and clients, in meetings, collaboration, projects and of course your own energy!

Have you ever observed how someone else’s energy can significantly influence your day? It can either make it better or completely ruin it if you let it.

Chances are you’ve encountered the power of energy multiple times in your life, often without consciously connecting the dots.

Certain individuals exude a positive energy that is simply infectious. On days when you might be feeling a bit low, spending time with these upbeat individuals can rejuvenate and uplift you. Conversely, when you’re in high spirits and encounter someone radiating negative energy, it can drain your enthusiasm and leave you feeling deflated.

A person’s energy is a complex blend of their past experiences, mindset, dominant thoughts, and their outlook on the world. Sometimes, this energy is palpable and readily apparent, while other times, it operates subtly and subconsciously.

Positive, high-energy individuals tend to create an atmosphere of safety, confidence, happiness, and relaxation. Their presence is inviting, and meeting them for the first time can feel like a recharge, leaving you eagerly anticipating the next encounter. On the other hand, negative individuals often come across as judgmental, unhappy, or prone to complaining and gossip. Being around them can make you feel insecure, unhappy, and tense. Their vibe is off-putting.

Of course, there exists a vast spectrum of energy variations in between these two extremes.

Even if you’re not consciously aware of it, your senses pick up on these vibrations and interpret them.

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Sometimes, it’s easy to recognize how others affect you, but often, you may not even realize the impact you’re having on others or the effect they are having on you. Developing self-awareness about how people or situations make you feel can help you mitigate or deflect negative energy.

The more you tune into the energy of those around you, the more aware you become of the people you want to spend your time with. It’s wise to steer clear of energy vampires or those who consistently drain your positivity.

Remember that everyone experiences negativity at times, and that’s perfectly normal. Sometimes your support can make a difference in what they are going through.

What matters is how long you choose to linger in that negative state. Sometimes, it’s crucial to seek out someone who can uplift your energy when you need it, just as it’s empathetic to help others raise their energy if they’re open to it.

The more positive you feel, the more you’ll realize the importance of maintaining positivity and not allowing anyone to affect your energy, as it plays a pivotal role in your life. It grants you strength, purpose, creativity, motivation, and focus. If you prioritize it, your energy will serve you well.

Do you have strategies to boost your energy when you need a positive uplift? Often, we linger in lower-energy states instead of engaging in strategies that can help us bounce back positively. 

So, what are your go-to strategies?

As a leader (remember, every person is a leader in their own right), your energy can significantly influence the outcome of a meeting, a workday, your home environment, or even your entire organization. Have you considered how much impact you have on the performance of employees, colleagues, or family members who may be going through challenging times? Taking action is crucial, as negativity can be highly contagious.

Evaluate the energy circulating within your organization and your personal life, including your home environment.

When you’re attuned to the energy around you, remember that you have choices. You can contribute to the prevailing energy, work to change it, or decide to step away.

As I always advise my clients, “Take responsibility for the energy you carry with you,” because it possesses tremendous power. Reflect on your energy regularly and be mindful of how it ripples out into the world and touches the lives of others.


Let’s get in touch and work together to make the change impactful, or you can visit our website to find out more!

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